In 1998, one of his early group-shot photographs, "STAIRWAY", was chosen to be featured in the international reference book "Exposed – A Celebration of the Male Nude from 90 of the World’s Greatest Photographers" which included such well-known artists as Wilhelm von Gloeden, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Man Ray and Andy Warhol.

The same year he organized "NAKED BERLIN", the world’s first and only male nude photo-shoot within a parliament building: six men stripped in front of eight tourist attractions in Berlin, including the glass dome of Germany’s historical Reichstag! His guerilla-tactics became the talk of the town and news agencies immediately published the provocative snapshots all over the globe.

After establishing his name with a number of publications and exhibitions all over northern Europe, von Berg decided on a change of scenery. In August 1999, he arrived in Los Angeles with a 10-year visa. In a short time, he had his first American exhibition in the Tom of Finland Foundation's International "Erotic Art Fair" in Hollywood. With ‘old-world-fame’ under his belt, he had no trouble getting in contact with US-publishers, curators and collectors, who liked his "European Style".

Von Berg began photographing American models in the California landscapes and landmarks. He became good friends with the famous best-selling author, award winning director and painter Clive Barker and various other celebrities. After half a year in Los Angeles he headed back to Berlin. Soon his new "American Style" photography was printed all over Europe.

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