For almost two decades now …

the name of Henning von Berg has been associated with fine art photography in a form of erotic imagery that is both provocative and tasteful. Over the years, several unique eye-catching images have elevated ‘HvB Photography’ into a recognizable label of international renown.

Henning von Berg is the last male descendent of a German noble family that traces back nearly 500 years. Despite, or because of this traditional background, he prefers to question conservative conventions and likes to intentionally break the rules to create new perspectives.

After 13 years of working as an architect/civil engineer for one of Germany's leading energy corporations, he decided to turn his hobby of photography into a new profession at the age of 36. He moved to Cologne and launched his career as a freelance writer, political activist, event organizer, film producer and photographer. Here, the muscular 6'5” giant got experience on both sides of the camera, taking pictures and modeling.

Soon he was becoming a well-known people photographer, specializing in ‘Character Portraits’ and ‘Nude Studies’. His trademark was puzzling images of vulnerable, naked bodies, contrasted by the roughness of derelict buildings, abandoned industrial spaces or unique outdoor locations. Sometimes he would create bizarre group shots using as many as 45 nude models, while photographing mainly using natural light conditions, and with architectural grandeur or strange costumes, which lend a dream-like quality to his images.

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